California has a unique law that requires employers to provide new hires who are non-exempt from overtime with a “wage theft act notice” (a strangely named document) that provides the employee with specified information such as rate of pay, overtime rate, the employer’s name and address, pay day information, workers’ compensation information, and paid sick

Many state and local jurisdictions across the country will see moderate increases to their minimum wage rate on January 1, 2024. In fact, the current count of jurisdictions with a minimum wage increase on that date is a whopping 63! Most of these changes are the result of laws that provide for an automatic increase

Last fall, California enacted a new law, effective January 1, 2024 that creates a new leave of absence right under the Fair Employment and Housing Act for a reproductive loss.  Employees must be allowed to take up to 5 days (which do not have to consecutive) of leave following a reproductive loss event.  A

Effective January 1, 2024, California increased the minimum amount of paid sick leave that must be provided to employees to 5 days/40 hours per year (up from 3 days/24 hours).  Employers are permitted to frontload sick leave (give employees a bucket of sick leave at the beginning of each year of at least 5 days/40

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Imagine you’re an estate planning lawyer in Des Moines looking to grow your practice.

The marketing folks at Principal Park, home of the Triple A Des Moines Cubs, call to tell you that you’ll have free use of a luxury box for five of next year’s ball games. Better yet, they tell you they’ll arrange